The hammock, a solution for insomnia

the hammock
Insomnia is a growing health issue that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world, in particular, adults and elderly people. Lack of sleep negatively affects quality of life, which can lead to poor performance at work and mental health issues like depression. Aside from medication that usually has side effects and may lead to addiction, few practical, natural remedies are available.

It is well known and proven scientifically, that the swinging motion makes babies fall asleep easier, whereas the movement of a hammock, or being on a boat improve the adults sleep. A scientific report made by researchers in Geneva, Switzerland evaluated sleep and the effect on it, by using a slow rocking bed to replicate the gentle swinging movement of a hammock

Dr Michel Muhlethaler, co-author of this study has concluded in an interview: “We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject in the swaying condition”.

He also highlighted another key benefit of sleeping on a gentle swinging bed: “It’s not just you go faster to sleep, but also while you sleep, your sleep is deeper”.

Installing a hammock might not be a practical solution that everybody could adopt at home, given our modern life expectations for comfort. That’s why we’ve spent the last couple of years researching for a solution that could retro-fit any existing bed to create a gentle swinging movement similar to that of a hammock.

With the current technology available to address insomnia naturally, a sustainable sleep solution is available for you. This will change substantially the quality of your life as an individual, and the society as well.