Does ADIVA ONE work with my existing bed?

ADIVA ONE adapts to any modern bed frame by using the provided leg linkage options. Our product substitutes your current bed legs so you can continue to use your existing bed frame, mattress and headboard.

If you are not sure whether it is possible to attach ADIVA ONE to you bed or sofa, please send us an email to: [email protected] by attaching a picture with your bed or sofa, and we will do our best to advise you.

Is it possible to install ADIVA ONE for any bed, irrespective to the bed size?

Yes. Each of the ADIVA legs is connected to the Control Unit using the provided standard VGA cable extensions. Simply tell us your bed size at the checkout, and we’ll ship the correct length cables. If you change bed size in the future, you can purchase new cables from us with the click of a button..

How easy is it to install?

The installation process takes about 30 minutes for a reasonably fit person, and requires no specialist knowledge or additional equipment. If you’re able to remove the legs from your bed, then subsequent installation is straightforward using the instructions and tools provided.

How quiet is ADIVA ONE?

Our product operates in the 20 dbA range, which is barely audible for the average person. We developed our technology using the finest quality custom manufactured electromechanical components to produce a gentle and whisper-quiet motion. The only noise produced by the system comes from the bearings, which is negligible.

Is there any risk of getting motion-sickness using ADIVA ONE?

We limit the motion intensity to a level that aids deep sleep and relaxation while minimising risks of motion sickness. During a sleep cycle, the platform operates for a limited time, either until it detects a predetermined period of user inactivity (e.g. he or she has fallen asleep), or at the end of the chosen cycle.

Is there any evidence to support the efficacy of ADIVA ONE?

A number of medical research studies support the principle underpinning our product. We have also commissioned our own independent academic research and testing, which has started in April 2019.

How much electricity does it consume? Is it dual voltage?

ADIVA ONE consumes between 20W and 50W, depending on the bed size. Also it is dual voltage, the product uses a 12V, 60W PSU that is supplied with the unit.

Why can’t it be made for less money?
ADIVA ONE is as complex as the drive train of a four wheel drive electric car. Additionally it uses high quality silent servomotors and controllers, one pair for each leg. We didn’t want to compromise on the quality by using cheaper alternatives, thus avoiding customers disappointment and returns.
Is this a medical product or alternative therapy?

ADIVA products are not medical products and do not make any medical claims. However, based on our testing to date, we believe that our products may help people achieve a deep state of relaxation more quickly, and significantly improve the sleep quality.

Can this replace or supplement any medications/other types of therapies?

ADIVA ONE is not intended to replace conventional or prescribed medicine. We recommend seeking appropriate medical guidance before discontinuing any prescribed medications.

What is the warranty offered on ADIVA ONE?

ADIVA ONE comes with a 24 months warranty. After this period, you could purchase an extended warranty plan for $60/year, up to 10 years.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. Note: The installation instructions will be provided in English, and we are able to support your inquiries only in English (e.g. the product installation support etc.).
How much is the shipping?
Shipping cost varies by country at check out, from $99 to $299.
Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?
The additional duties and VAT depend on each country’s regulations. The buyer is responsible for any additional VAT/GST specific to their country.
How can I get a refund?

We give you 100 nights to trial our product. Don’t love it? Just ship it back to us, and we give you a full refund.

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