Meet Adiva One

meet adiva one
ADIVA ONE is a safe and highly efficient solution for inducing sleep and relaxation. It applies a slow, oscillating motion to your bed using an integrated and programmable motion control and monitoring system. It can be retrofitted to any bed, quickly and easily.

The central design feature of our invention is a set of modular supporting legs attached to your bed frame. No alteration or special expertise is required. It has a small hardware footprint that’s shipped in a medium-sized parcel anywhere around the world.

A key feature of our product is the integrated sleep monitoring and control system. It enables the device to monitor and analyse user sleep cycles through motion detector sensors, and it automatically adjusts oscillation speed and intensity to promote and maintain deep sleep.

An added advantage of ADIVA is that no special assembly or additional cost to alter your existing bed is necessary. That means the total cost of ownership is significantly lower than competitors’ products.

A good sleep achieved naturally has many health benefits, individually and collectively. The potential positive impact of ADIVA products is far reaching in a world overwhelmed by stress and insomnia, with few alternative remedies available aside from medication.

We strongly believe that if such benefits were to be realised more regularly by a larger section of the population, this could potentially have a wide positive societal impact in the longer term, by reducing healthcare costs, improving life expectancy, and generally making our lives safer and more productive.